Micah’s Primary Picks

Many people have been asking me who I suggest they vote for in the primary election. Below are my endorsements due to my own interactions and conversations with the candidates.

In some races there may be multiple candidates with solid conservative values on the ballot, however, my picks take into account multiple factors. It could be that one candidate is more bold than the other or has a worldview rooted more firmly in biblical truth. In some cases the candidate may have a record that proves they’ll fight for liberty and constitutional values. We are fortunate in Indiana to have many great conservative candidates in some races.

I encourage everyone do their own research and prayerfully vote for the candidates that you believe will uphold and defend conservative constitutional values of liberty the best in every race on your ballot.

Federal Races
US House CD – 05 (Central IN): Victoria Spartz
US House CD – 09 (Southern IN): Mike Sodrel
US House CD – 01 (Northwest IN): Jennifer Ruth-Green
US House CD – 03 (Northeast IN): Jim Banks

State Senate Races
District 21 (Northern Hamilton Co): Jim Buck
District 14 (Northern Ft Wayne): Dr Tyler Johnson

State Rep Races 
District 23 (Warsaw): Curt Nisly
District 25 (Zionsville): Becky Cash
District 29 (Noblesville): Chuck Goodrich
District 32 (Carmel, Fishers): Fred Glynn
District 37 (Fishers, Cicero): Todd Huston
District 39 (Carmel, Westfield): Jerry Torr
District 41 (Northern Boone Co, Lafayette): Richard Bagsby
District 45 (Sullivan): Bruce Borders
District 50 (Huntington, Wabash, Wells Co): Lorissa Sweet
District 54 (Knightstown): Heather Carrie
District 56 (Richmond): Mark Pierce
District 60 (Johnson, Morgan): Brittany Carroll
District 72 (Floyd Co, Southern IN): Jackie Bright Grubbs 
District 88 (Fishers, McCordsville): Chris Jeter
District 93 (Southern Marion Co, Johnson Co): John Jacob
District 97 (Marion County): John Schmitz

Hamilton County Races 
Sheriff: Dennis Quakenbush
County Council District 1: John Accetturo 
County Council District 4: Ken Alexander 
Judge Superior Court 7: Darren Murphy
County Recorder: Trini Beaver
County Clerk: Kathy Kraig Williams

City Board Races
Noblesville Township Board: Charlie McMillan 
Jackson Township Trustee: Robyn Cook
Fall Creek Township Board: Patricia Bratton
Washington Township Board: Erica Strahm, Charlie Driver Jr
Cicero Town Council at Large: Brett Foster 

Indiana GOP State Delegate
(Many of these ballots will say you can pick up to a certain number of people. I always remind voters to only vote for someone you know. If you can’t fill all the spots, that’s completely ok.)

Clay District 1: Danny Niederberger, Fred Glynn
Clay District 2: Bobby Cordingly
Clay District 3: Renee Holiday, Jenny Brake
Clay District 4: Sue Lile, Dwight Lile
Delaware District 1: Gregg Puls, Paul Nix
Fall Creek District 1: Rachel Quade, Susie Abshire

Fall Creek District 2: Paul Hevesy, Adam Kallick, Patricia Bratton, Mario Massilimany, Chris Jeter, Suzanne Thomas

Fall Creek District 3: Shayre Rivotto, David Rivotto
Jackson / White River District: Dennis Quakenbush, Christen Quakenbush, Ray Adler, Matthew Hensley

Noblesville district 1: (you can only vote for 8 but there are 10 good ones)
Karen Pryor
Micah Clark
Randy Gerber 
Bruce Boyd
Julie Boyd
Jacob Mahoney
Mark Keller
Jannelle Keller
Charlie McMillan
Jason Spartz

Noblesville District 2:
Elijah Condellone 
Nick Gomillion
Mark Hall
Lisa Hall
Brad Eddy
Deborah Eddy

Noblesville District 3: 
Susan Beckwith 
Micah Beckwith
Laura Alerding
Jennifer Young

Washington District 1:
Marla Alior
Debbie Stewart
Bill Dale
Rebecca Kubacki
Charlie Driver Jr
Christine Pauley

Washington District 2:
Victor McCarty
John Glass
Jake Gilbert
Erica Strahm 
Rick McKinney