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    About Micah

    Micah and his wife, Susan, have been serving Hamilton County and surrounding areas for over 15 years as a pastor and small business owner. He is a graduate of Huntington University with a degree in business and economics. Micah is passionate about helping others unlock their God-given talents and he enjoys sharing his deep understanding of American history with others.

    Currently, Micah teaches a high-school constitutional literacy class for a Christian school in Carmel. He also co-hosts the popular podcast “Jesus, Sex and Politics” with Pastor Nathan Peternel. Together, they tackle tough cultural topics in our society and in the church.

    Micah enjoys serving as a keynote speaker for several not-for-profit and community groups and over the past year has toured the state as an advocate for healthcare freedom.

    Micah currently serves in leadership positions for several organizations, including:

    • Noblesville Campus Pastor for Life Church
    • Executive Director of Indiana Family Action PAC
    • Co-Founder of Indiana Coalition Conservatives
    • Indiana Chairman of U.S. Term Limits
    • Executive Director of Hoosier Leadership Series

    Micah and Susan live in Noblesville, where they are raising their two children.

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