Micah’s Plan

Micah Beckwith’s Proactive Lt. Governor Plan

Hoosiers deserve a Lt. Governor who will take an active role in putting Indiana on the right road for generations to come, protecting our children from the aggressive woke culture, and making Indiana affordable.

Unlike other states, our Lt. Governor has many responsibilities.  Micah Beckwith will work to bring your agenda to the numerous boards, commissions, and the legislature.  As your proactive Lt. Governor, Micah Beckwith will make a positive difference in his roles as Senate President, Secretary of Indiana Agriculture, Chairman of the Office of Community & Rural Affairs, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, Office of Energy and Defense Development, and the Office of Tourism Development.  In addition, Micah Beckwith will bring his conservative, pro-economy and pro-taxpayer viewpoint to being a member of the Natural Resources Committee, the State Office Building Commission, Air Pollution Control Board, Water Pollution Control Board, and Solid Waste Management.

Beyond his Constitutional duties, Micah will pursue an agenda to have Indiana join Florida in being a conservative leader in the United States and stopping the woke agenda.  Here are his key initiatives:

  • Indiana is a leader in agriculture, but there is room for growth.  As our next Lt. Governor who oversees the Department of Agriculture, Micah Beckwith will empower farmers so that Indiana’s agricultural sector thrives.  He will also work to protect our food supply chain by stopping the buying of farmland by foreign nations.
  • Indiana should join the growing list of states passing the resolution for Congressional Term Limits.  As the Chairman of Indiana’s U.S. Term Limits and our next Lt. Governor, Micah Beckwith will work with the legislature to get the resolution passed.
  • Indiana has been proactive in stopping the illegal immigration crisis unlike New York and Massachusetts.  However, the federal government is not doing their job in Indiana.  As our next Lt. Governor, Micah will also work with our federal delegation to ensure that ICE agents can do their jobs in Indiana.
  • Our children should not be indoctrinated with the woke agenda in our schools.  Pronouns will be taught not reconfigured for a political agenda in the schools.  As a father, no one is more committed to getting political agendas out of the classrooms than Micah.  He will work to ensure that our children are taught the fundamentals, prepared to compete in the marketplace, and taught Constitutional literacy.  His mission is to visit as many schools as possible to inspire the next generation with the greatness of our Constitution.  Micah will also work for more parental involvement in our schools.
  • Hoosiers are hurting from inflation.  Micah Beckwith believes that our state government must work to alleviate some of the financial pressure the Biden administration has caused.  As our next Lt. Governor, he will push for tax cuts.
  • Our rights are non-negotiable. As a Constitutionalist, Micah Beckwith promises to always protect our rights. He will push for legislation to allow law abiding gun owners to carry guns without concealed gun permits.
  • Children must be protected from the woke agenda that advocates for mutilation.  As a father, Micah considers protecting the next generation of the utmost importance. He will support legislation that bans gender transition surgery and puberty blockers for children under the age of 18.
  • Our cities need an urban upgrade where families can achieve the American dream.  To improve the quality of life of all Hoosiers, our next Lt. Governor Micah Beckwith will work to elect Republicans to office in our cities that have been devastated by failed Democrat leadership that has left too many people living in poverty.
  • Our government should work for us – not against us.  To stop the expansion of state government, Micah Beckwith will work with the legislature to file legislation to require a sunset clause on state regulations.  By sunsetting regulations, we will be limiting the power of government bureaucrats by requiring a review to make sure the regulations are still relevant.

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